Morning Chair: Tony Pitcher TEP, Chair of Programme Committee; Deputy Chair of STEP Worldwide

Afternoon Chair: Denese Molyneux TEP, Chair of STEP England and Wales Regional Committee

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Welcome from Conference Chair

Tony Pitcher TEP, Chair of Programme Committee; Deputy Chair of STEP Worldwide

Welcome from STEP Worldwide

Nancy Golding QC TEP, Chair of STEP Worldwide
Mark Walley, CEO of STEP Worldwide


Welcome from Jersey Finance

Joe Moynihan, Chief Executive Officer, Jersey Finance

Opening Address

John Stevenson, Member of Parliament, UK

Keynote Session 1: Soaking the rich in the 2020s?

David Gauke, Macfarlanes, UK

David Gauke will discuss the policy and politics of taxing the wealthy in a post-Covid world.

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Mainstage Session 1 - Modern families: reframing the advisors role?

Moderator: Charlie Tee TEP, Withers, UK
Giulia Cipollini TEP, Withers World Wide Law Firm, Italy 
Cindy Radu TEP, Cindy Radu Advisory Ltd., Canada
Jane Ren TEP, Fangda Partners, China

This session will consider the role of an adviser in the context of ever-changing modern families. In many parts of the world there has been a real change in the concept of a family and who is included inside it, whilst more traditional family models remain prevalent elsewhere. It is of increasing importance that an adviser can work with all sorts of families no matter what their makeup, with no one-size fits all mentality or approach when it comes to the key questions of governance, succession and estate planning. Does this require the reframing of an adviser’s role?

Keynote Session 2 - What is family? Unpacking the modern families of today and the future

Tsitsi Mutendi, Nhaka Legacy & African Family Firms, Zimbabwe

As the world is becoming a global village, the emerging families are diverse and cut across all forms and norms. As simple as it may be to see the world in a global oneness, as advisors who work with families, the web of complexities behind the scenes of the family portrait can be challenging. This key note session will help to unpack our understanding of this diversity and build a world of tomorrow where we collaborate with our clients to create a mutually beneficial future for all.


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Specialist Sessions


Option 1 - Underfunded and unrepresented litigants

Moderator: Daniel J. Dochylo TEP, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Canada
Richard Dew TEP, Ten Old Square, UK
Christen K. Douglas, McDermott Will & Emery LLP, US
Dr. iur. Johannes Gasser TEP, Gasser Partner Attorneys, Liechtenstein

Courts do not necessarily provide for equal access to justice. Not everyone can readily obtain representation and payment or indemnity of fees. The better-funded seem to have the advantage in pursuing entitlements. Others may resort to means which disrupt cases in their efforts to prevail.


  • Systemic reasons?
  • Levelling the field?
  • Combatting disruptive tactics?
  • Decision-makers' and counsel's reactions?
  • Recent initiatives and the future?


  • Unconventional funding
  • Email and social media campaigns
  • Ethics
  • Misconduct / bias allegations
  • Virtual hearings
Option 2 - Into the metaverse: a future for private client business

Moderator: Leigh Sagar TEP, New Square Chambers, UK
Sara M Adami Johnson TEP, RBC Family Office Services, Canada
Ross Belhomme TEP, Orcinus, Singapore/Switzerland

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are currently a hot topic and for good reason, seemingly destined to represent more than tokenised art. The commercialisation of NFTs, alongside the increase in the use of smart contracts, is spurring new business models and the future financial Metaverse.

The panel will tackle subjects from the use of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to Decentralised Finance (DeFi) systems, framing the future of advising families on digital assets in this evolving digital world.

Option 3 - Changing views on wealth and global mobility of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs)

Moderator: Nicola Saccardo TEP, Maisto e Associati, UK
Leonardo Braune TEP, Intercorp Group, UK
Line-Alexa Glotin, UGGC Avocats, France
Bock Eng Sim, WongPartnership, Singapore 

There has been an acceleration in the global mobility of HNWIs. This session will look at issues including trends in global mobility, tax competition between States and discuss how governments can keep their taxpayers while maintaining Aristotle’s principle (i.e. “it is fair that one who possesses much should pay a lot in taxes while one who has little should pay little”). 

Kindly sponsored by Rawlinson & Hunter

Option 4 - The cross-border advisor: globalisation, populism and backlash

Moderator: Andrew Godfrey TEP, Russell-Cooke LLP, UK
Dr. Katharina Hemmen, POELLATH, Germany
Margaret O’Sullivan TEP, O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP, Canada

Increasing, cultural diversity, generational change and mobility are disruptive forces, which require all advisors to “up their game” and develop a better understanding of the needs of private clients with connections to multiple jurisdictions. This session will explore the technical, ethical, practical and indeed moral challenges, risks and dilemmas that the cross-border advisor must navigate in a time of increasing economic inequality and perceived unfairness in the burden of taxation.

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Keynote Session 3: Reflections on the impact of the Ukraine crisis on global issues and institutions

Professor Amelia Hadfield, Dean International, Head of Department of Politics, Director of the Centre for Britain and Europe (CBE), University of Surrey, UK 

This presentation will bring the audience up to date on the latest developments regarding the war in Ukraine crisis. From east-west geopolitical shifts between Russia, Ukraine and Europe, to defence transformations in NATO, Germany, Sweden, and Finland, the war has impacted everything from energy security to food prices, causing widening asymmetries between collapsed and sanctioned producers and consumer nations, and states and organisations with no Plan B. The future of European internationalism hangs in the balance. How well will multilateralism fare? What impact will the crisis have in the long term on regulatory issues? As Professor Hadfield explores, as well as inviting the audience to consider, the stakes could not be higher, for both politics and business alike.

Mainstage Session 2 - Modernisation of the estate industry: the estate industry solutions and the platforms that will transform the future

Moderator: Andrew Bowyer, ADB Insights (The Canadian Estates Forum), Canada
Ari Brojde, Estateably, Canada 
Max Ezerins, Settify, Australia/UK
Jonathan Upton, Estatesearch, UK

The pandemic has accelerated the need for the automation of the traditionally paper-based estate industry. Tech entrepreneurs have entered the marketplace, and the race is on for integrated estate planning platforms of the future. Client and practitioner pain points on both sides of the planning and administration/settlement equation have driven demand for new technology solutions and services to digitize traditional estate industry processes. Join us to meet some of the tech entrepreneurs who are disrupting the industry as we discuss the value these solutions provide clients and practitioners in addressing the modernisation of the estate industry.

Closing Address

Denese Molyneux TEP, Chair of STEP England and Wales Regional Committee

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